All Things Toonopolis

What is Toonopolis?

Toonopolis is an infinitely large cartoon city and the center of the Tooniverse. The thoughts and creations of all sentient creatures in our universe (aka, The Real World), exist inside this city. Toonopolis is the setting of many of author Jeremy Rodden's fantasy and science fiction books, novellas, short stories, and more.

Whether you are a long-standing fan of Toonopolis or new to the world, please enjoy this Wiki to further explore the facets of the world that have been published so far. Since Toonopolis is technically infinite, there is no telling how much of this world we will actually get to see!

  1. Characters: To date, there are over 100 characters in published stories between the novels, novellas, and short stories. Some are minor, some major, some waiting to be fleshed out more in their own stories. But all awesome!

  2. City Sections: One of the unique aspects of Toonopolis is the breakdown of creations into various sections of the city. As of right now, nearly 30 sections of the city have been explored in at least some detail in published works. More to come!

  3. Publications: A listing of all published Toonopolis works, including novels, novellas, collections, and short stories.