G and Z's Haunted House

514piCD+tNL. SX331 BO1,204,203,200
Cover Art by Valerie Willis
First Published:September 1, 2019
Story Length:Short Story
Publisher:Battle Goddess Productions

G & Z are fairly recent additions to Toonopolis. Being that they are the ghost and zombie of the same dead human, they decided to live together on the border of Gothicville and Dystopia Z. The Internet Troll is a known annoyance from Gothicville and decides to try to play pranks on G & Z. This short story is about the time the Internet Troll tried to open G & Z's house as a haunted house attraction to mess with the two of them. As expected, they flip the tables on him and enlist some other Gothicville residents along the way to help!

Sections Featured
Gothicville Dystopia Z

Characters Featured
G Z Internet Troll
Mrs. Simmons Lilith Nigel