Toonopolis Files Novels

Toonopolis: Gemini
Toonopolis: Chi Lin
Toonopolis: Zephyr (upcoming)

Tales From Toonopolis Novellas

Anchihiiroo - Origin of an Antihero
Misanthrope Beechworth and The Dustwaste Wellspring
Hannah's Quest for RNGesus (upcoming)

Tales From Toonopolis Short Stories

How To Create A Villain or Let Sleeping Candemons Lie
Where Do Our Ideas Go?
The Legend Of The Chucacabra
In Cyberia, Avatar Controls You
The Grave Little Toaster
Tiny Brown Hands
G and Z's Haunted House

Tales From Toonopolis Collections

Tales From Toonopolis Volume One
Tales From Toonopolis Volume Two (upcoming)

Tales From Ao Short Stories*

  • Ao is the "adults only" section of the Tooniverse. Unlike Toonopolis stories, any stories coming from Ao are not meant to be kid-friendly and may contain adult situations and language.

What A Tiny World
Death Always Collects
Somewhere I Belong