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Character Art by Cami Woodruff
Featured Character Art:Gerald the Pinball Wizard
First Appearance:Toonopolis: Gemini

Camenot is the section of Toonopolis for Arthurian/Sword & Sorcery creations. While there is some crossover potential with Adventure Realm, the Camenot section is for toons who are less aware of fantasy elements and live within the "reality" of a medieval fantasy setting. Gemini visits Camenot in his first adventure in Toonopolis: Gemini to confront Sir Goodypants, the paladin lord who went Rogue. He returns to Camenot at the start of Toonopolis: Chi Lin to contact his former traveling companion Hawk (one of Sir Goodypants's paladins) and the un-Rogued Sir Goodypants. Tropes from this section revolve around typical epic fantasy fare, such as a feudal knight/lord system and chivalrous views.

Notable Residents

Sir Goodypants
Gerald the Pinball Wizard

Toonopolis: Gemini
Toonopolis: Chi Lin