Chris Smythe

Chris Smythe
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First Appearance:The Grave Little Toaster

Chris Smythe, along with his wife Karen, are the targets of Mephistocrates the Hungerer, who was summoned by their neighbors, the Hendersons.


Chris is a generic suburban male, as far as anyone knows. The Grave Little Toaster was told from Mephistocrates the Hungerer's point of view and the demon didn't note anything particular about him.


Chris Smythe is one of the neighbors Brad and Janet Henderson summoned Mephistocrates the Hungerer to kill in The Grave Little Toaster. He expresses sadness that Brad and Janet are dead but with dark humor attached. He is convinced that Brad caused the car accident that killed the Hendersons on purpose. He also wants to get rid of the toaster the Hendersons gave them, prompting Mephistrocates (who is trapped in the toaster) to have to work harder to kill them.

As Mephistocrates attempts to kill Chris and his wife Karen as it is commanded to do, Chris is the closest victim, tripping over the demon's toaster cord and crashing through the closet door at the bottom of a set of stairs. Once the demon makes itself known in order to reason with them. Chris makes a new deal with the demon to allow it to kill him and his wife when they reach old age, provided nothing happens to them prior to that. This would allow the demon to go free and also ensure the Smythes live a long life (with demonic protection, of sorts). He also gives Mephistocrates a nickname: Mitchell or Mitch for short.


"If you want my opinion, Brad drove off that bridge on purpose. I bet he felt death was better than listening to Janet call him an idiot or talk about how everything he did was always wrong." - The Grave Little Toaster


Husband to Karen Smythe
Neighbor to Brad Henderson
Neighbor to Janet Henderson
Friend to Mephistocrates the Hungerer


The Grave Little Toaster