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Art by Jeremy Rodden
First Appearance:Toonopolis: Chi Lin
Aliases:Zachary Gregg (formerly)

G is the spirit half of a creation toon that died in the Field of Dreams when he first arrived in the Tooniverse. Z is his other half.


G is described as a retro-looking ghost that is essentially a floating white sheet with eyeholes cut out. He also wears glasses.


G and Z entered to the Tooniverse when their living body, a man named Zachary Gregg, died upon entering the Tooniverse at the Field of Dreams. G, the ghost/spirit half of the body, was sorted to Gothicville and Z, the reanimated corpse, to Dystopia Z. They built a house on the border of the two city sections so they could continue to live together.

G and Z first meet Gemini during the events of Toonopolis: Chi Lin. Gemini and his companions are attempting to find a way over the Wall of Zombies in Dystopia Z and come across G and Z's house as well as the two inhabitants. G and Z aren't exactly helpful as they make fun of the adventurers trying to use a catapult to get over the wall. They do confirm that Solo and Chi Lin were seen entering the barricaded neighborhood inside Dystopia Z, however.


"The pretty one flew right in carrying the dopey one on his back. Kinda weird to see a unicorn riding a unicorn." - Toonopolis: Chi Lin, Chapter Eleven


Partner to Z


Toonopolis: Chi Lin

Art by Jeremy Rodden
Concept art for G&Z pixel art webcomic