Black Light District

Black Light District
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Character Art by Cami Woodruff
Featured Character Art:Madame Rouge
First Appearance:Toonopolis: Gemini

The Black Light District is where "borderline" toons can be found in Toonopolis. It is learned in Angel's short story "Somewhere I Belong" that the Black Light District of Toonopolis has an equivalent section in Ao (the adults only section of the Tooniverse). This is why the Black Light District on the Toonopolis side of the border has toons that are more unsavory than other sections of the Tooniverse, but not so far gone as to belong fully in the Ao section. Common tropes in the BLD revolve around pushing the limits of what is "appropriate" in the form of innuendo, subtle references, and "adult swim" jokes.

Notable Residents

Madame Rouge
unnamed weasel

Toonopolis: Gemini