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Art by Epsilon
First Appearance:Toonopolis: Gemini
Home:Black Light District
Occupation:angel, hero (formerly)
Affiliations:Creation, Rogue

Angel is the most famous rogue in Toonopolis. What most don't know is that she was originally sent to Ao (the adults only section of the Tooniverse) and fought her creator in order to move to the "cleaner" section of the cartoon universe.


Angel is sexy and knows it. She wears a skintight leather jumpsuit with a zipper in the front that exposes just enough of her body to keep her from getting kicked out of the clean side of the Tooniverse. As an angel, she also has a halo and large, feathery wings. She has blond hair and blue eyes.


Angel first appeared in the Tooniverse in the Field of Nightmares in Ao, as seen in the short story "Somewhere I Belong". After fighting through inappropriate towns like Penisville and Hentaitown, she was led to Madame Rogue in the Ao side of the Black Light District. Madame Rogue taught Angel how to go "rogue" (force your creator to change who you were) so she could move to the Toonopolis side of the Black Light District like Madame Rouge had done before.

Now living in Toonopolis, Angel is not well-liked due to her rogue status. She is found often to be spending time with Jack Montana, the outsider who created such sporting events as Toonopolis Fighting World and Foosketball. She doesn't say much, well aware that she is inherently disliked by most creation toons inside Toonopolis, but she also doesn't seem to care.


"Look at him. A pale, balding, thirty-something loser on Earth can actually be something here. Why would he want to destroy a place that offers him his only chance at greatness? Here he can be anything." - Toonopolis: Gemini, Chapter Twelve

"I am not one of those toons. I don't curse. I'm not naked. Not completely anyway. And I'm not killing and maiming and bloodying the place. Why am I in Ao?!" - Somewhere I Belong


Associate of Jack Montana
Protege of Madame Rogue
Associate of Madame Rouge


Toonopolis: Gemini
Somewhere I Belong
Toonopolis: Chi Lin

Art by Epsilon
Art by Jennifer Bruck
Art from before Toonopolis publication
Art from before Toonopolis publication
Art by Nelson Diaz
Art from before Toonopolis publication